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Call the Lawyers: An Open-and-Shut Case of Copyright Infringement

It has recently come to my attention that we are not the only Jesters™ in town. The newest edition in a long line of destined-to-fail New Orleans semi-pro soccer teams has blatantly ripped off the well-established New Orleans Men’s Lacrosse team. I’m not … Continue reading

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New Orleans Lax Bros Doing Big Thangs

Got the news yesterday from Jesuit coach Mike Brantley that former Jesuit Player/Indoor Lax Stud Louis Lacour III has been recognized for his mad skillz on and of the field. “Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s my privilege to announce that graduating … Continue reading

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ALERT: Lacrosstitute Tryouts Memorial Day Weekend

Lacrosstitute (noun) 1. Woman that is only attracted to men who play the sport of lacrosse. 2. Woman who wakes up early on Sunday mornings to attend box lacrosse games in Jefferson Parish, and bring McDonalds breakfast for players on … Continue reading

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Who do you think will win?

There is a lot of speculation floating around in the blogosphere as to who will take home the summer league trophy this year. It’s tough to predict a winner even when the teams have been picked, but trying to determine … Continue reading

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Tryouts 2010: How to Avoid Being Picked Last

The 2010 Riverside Indoor Lacrosse League season is right around the corner, and the excitement amongst local players is palpable. Captains for this year have been hand selected by commissioner Phil Niddrie (Sr.), and they are, in order from oldest to youngest, … Continue reading

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