New Orleans Lax Bros Doing Big Thangs

Got the news yesterday from Jesuit coach Mike Brantley that former Jesuit Player/Indoor Lax Stud Louis Lacour III has been recognized for his mad skillz on and of the field.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s my privilege to announce that graduating senior Louis LaCour III was chosen as an All-American Lacrosse player for his sportsmanship, lacrosse accomplishments, academics, aspirations and character. Louis is going to Cabrini College in Philadelphia where he was recruited to play lacrosse.  He was also chosen on a select American Team to play in the world games in the UK this summer, playing in both London and Manchester. Congratulate Louis when you see him!”

Louis will join two other bros with close ties to NOLC at the 2010 World Games in Manchester this summer. NOLC founder Phil Niddrie will represent the United States in the super-duper Masters division. In addition, former LSU and NOLC player Billy Tauzin III will be coaching the French National Team in their first  ever trip to the World Games.

Congrats to all these guys for their hard work and incredible lacrosse abilities. Best of luck in your upcoming endeavors. Now don’t screw up!

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One Response to New Orleans Lax Bros Doing Big Thangs

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the term “super duper”…as opposed to “really old guys in the over-55 division”..

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