Call the Lawyers: An Open-and-Shut Case of Copyright Infringement

It has recently come to my attention that we are not the only Jesters™ in town. The newest edition in a long line of destined-to-fail New Orleans semi-pro soccer teams has blatantly ripped off the well-established New Orleans Men’s Lacrosse team.

I’m not sure who these bastards think they are, but they damn sure ain’t the Jesters.  We’ve had the copyright since 1976…right? I mean, surely one of our team’s many lawyers registered the Jesters name and Trademark with the Secretary of State…? No?! Damnit!

At least I can sleep well at night knowing it’s only a matter of time before these ball-kicking douches fold and we’re the only Jesters in town again.

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2 Responses to Call the Lawyers: An Open-and-Shut Case of Copyright Infringement

  1. bossman5 says:

    I’m not sure whether or not the Jesters of the soccer world still have any ownership of Riverside, so we might want to play nice with them.

    Actually, there is some question about what Riverside Indoor Soccer is now called. I know we won’t be using the same Disclaimer Forms because “Riverside Indoor Soccer” is printed on the top of the form.

  2. NOLABlueKnight says:

    Hey, this has nothing to do with this post, but I am a New York laxer working down here in NOLA on the oil spill response, and I have followed Knox and TheCajun’s posts on LaxAllStars…it is awesome that there is lacrosse down here, and I see why you play inside-I was too hot playing in Upstate NY in the summer…I would love to play down here, I don’t know if thats possible since it seems you’re already into the season, but if someone would email me I would really appreciate the chance to ball
    Peter, Geneseo ’08, Go Grass Knights!

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